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Realty-AdvisorsSM Carolina Built By Real Estate Agents for Real Estate Agents

After spending 15 years in real estate in Atlanta and surrounding markets, Celeste Webb decided to open her own brokerage firm, offering real estate agents the true support they need to provide outstanding service to their clients.

Having been in their shoes, Celeste understands how difficult it is to balance the needs of your home buyers and sellers with administrative tasks, the search for accurate market data and the desire for continued professional growth.

With her mission to redefine the broker/agent relationship, Celeste founded Realty-AdvisorsSM Carolina in 2007. Her vision is to provide real estate agents with the tools and information they need to give clients the best service in the market. It’s a trickle-down effect. By treating agents with respect and empowering them with in-depth market research and one-on-one training, you retain top talent and create an exemplary real estate experience for home buyers and sellers.

We offer real estate agents access to the latest market data, top-of-the-line accounting software, 24/7 consultative support and one-on-one sales training.  We give our agents the flexibility to operate how they chose and provide their clients with the most customized real estate experience in the market. During the past five years, we have grown steadily into Greenville’s premier boutique brokerage firm. We ranked in the top 20 in our main service area and represented well over 100 buyers and sellers in 2011.