A better way to do real estate

Jason Boozer

“Stress-free real estate. How often can you say that in today’s market? At Realty-Advisors Carolina, running your business is stress free. Real estate is hard enough and the last thing you need is a broker or office staff member telling you they need this or that form, or giving direction on how to run your business. At Realty-Advisors, the broker and support staffs are there to assist you, not demand things of you.

Being a seasoned real estate professional, I have been with several brokerage firms; some with hefty monthly fees that feel like a second mortgage and some that stress the point of “capping,” meaning the company gets their money first and only then do you get your hard-earned commission.

In 2011, while the market in Greenville was down, my business was up. I increased my bottom line three times over the previous year when I was with another brokerage. At Realty-Advisors, I do not have to pay significant overheard, worry about “capping” or struggle with a staggering monthly bill.  It makes life a little less stressful and gives me the freedom to focus on my business.

If Realty-Advisors was around 15 years ago, I would have joined then. Joining this company has been the best decision I have ever made for me, my family and my career. If you want to take control of your career, schedule an appointment with Celeste or Martha today!”